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Emotional wellness at the speed of working parents

We're working parents and we get it

Being a working parent these days is H-A-R-D. It feels like the odds are stacked against us, between work and raising kids, with new challenges around every corner. Facing the daily grind of working parenthood requires way more support than most of us are getting.

Emotional wellness = less triggered, more connected, in flow 

Yes Collective is a parent-focused emotional fitness platform combining therapist-designed tools, practices, and support for doing the inner work to become more connected and conscious parents. When you join the Yes Collective, you’re getting a team of therapists, psychologists, and coaches with you every step of the way.

Emotional wellness, delivered at the speed of working parents

Our mobile, online ecosystem of therapeutic support is built by parents for parents. Get daily therapist-created tools, practices, resources and knowledge; connect with other working parents in a private, facilitated community dedicated to emotional wellness; and dive deeper into your own self-healing with one-on-one emotional health coaching. We’ve got your back in a dozen different ways.

If you're a working parent, this is for you

Whether you’re “therapy-curious” and are just starting out on your own emotional health journey or have been seeing an awesome therapist once a week, Yes Collective is your perfect support system. We’re a team of therapists, coaches, and mental health professionals who create easy-to-use, high-impact, research-backed resources that are used by the best therapists around. And when you’re ready, you can dive deeper into our one-on-one emotional health coaching program.

What you get when you join the Yes Collective app: 

  • Therapist tools and live in-app events with therapists, researchers, and coaches

  • Quick bite articles, guided practices, meditations, and live events with top parent-focused therapists and mental health professionals

  • Therapist-designed masterclasses at your finger tips

  • A private community of like-minded parents

  • Members-only Podcast, Therapist Circles, & On-the-Go Audio Articles

Once You're a Member, You Can Upgrade to Yes Coaching, Where You'll Get: 

  • Your own personal emotional fitness coach, with you as a confidant, a sounding board, and an emotional support
  • Chat-based coaching support guiding you through our therapist-designed, life-changing Yes Coaching program for lasting emotional health
  • Weekly live group coaching circles that teach powerful, evidence-based practices for daily emotional health
  • Supported exercises for making tangible progress in emotional wellness as you learn what matters most to you and how to make sustainable changes in your life
  • Therapist-crafted journaling prompts that give you greater clarity about who you are as a parent, a partner, and a person
  • Expert-designed, coach-guided learning sessions that help you become less triggered and more emotionally resilient as a parent  
  • Downloadable communication tools for building authentic and loving boundaries as a parent and a partner
  • A step-by-step program that will result in you knowing exactly how to show up with your best, most authentic self for your kids and loved ones

This community is so much more...

Not only does your joining the Yes Collective community make us better parents, partners and people, but here's the icing on top: Yes Collective is a Public Benefit Corporation that exclusively supports MaxLove Project, a non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for families affected by childhood cancer. Thank you for being here and spreading the love!

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