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The World's First Emotional Fitness Studio

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Emotional fitness for modern life

The Yes Collective is an emotional fitness studio focused on building transformative and lasting emotional health. Our team of psychologists, therapists, and expert coaches lead live Studio Circles, which blend group therapy, embodied practices, and interactive social connection. Through cutting edge modalities like breathwork, internal parts work, embodied emotional processing, and authentic relating, our emotional fitness team will help you become more of who you truly are.

Emotional health, delivered at the speed of your life 

The Yes Collective emotional fitness studio is built by psychologists and therapists who get how hectic, fragmented, and chaotic our lives are today. In addition to our life-changing, live Studio Circles, we deliver daily expert tools, practices, and knowledge that help you bring your emotional health journey into the real world. We’ve got your back in a dozen different ways.

You're not broken, you're not alone, and there's a better way

Our expert team is upending the old model of mental health that's overly focused on people's thinking (rather than their feelings), one-on-one talking (rather than embodied, interactive practices), and fixing (rather than helping people access their own innate healing wisdom). We're moving past an out-dated mental health model to a new understanding of embodied and experiential emotional health.

If you're ready for real and lasting emotional health, this is for you

Whether you’re “therapy-curious” and are just starting out on your own emotional health journey or have been seeing an awesome therapist once a week, Yes Collective is your perfect support system. Our team of psychologists, therapists, and coaches are ready to support you with easy-to-use, life-changing, research-backed tools that bring you into your body, heart, and inner knowing.

Your Emotional Fitness Team

Justin Wilford, PhD, Director of Program Design and Content

Justin earned two PhDs, one from UCLA in the social sciences and the other from UC Irvine in mental health program design and evaluation. Justin is also a professional emotional health coach and group facilitator. He's a cofounder and co-CEO of Yes Collective.

Jenny Walters, LMFT, Director of Therapy and Coaching

Jenny is licensed therapist with decades of experience in depth psychology, emotional healing, and group therapy facilitation. She founded Highland Park Holistic Psychotherapy, a thriving team of therapists in Los Angeles, CA, and is passionate about the next wave of cutting-edge mental and emotional health tools.

Alicia Samaniego Wuth, PsyD, Director of Research and Implementation

Alicia is a clinical psychologist, research scientist, and licensed therapist. She's passionate about bringing the best research-backed approaches to people everywhere. She brings her knowledge and experience to making Yes Collective Studio Circles life-changing, easy to use, and based in the latest research. 

What you get when you join the Yes Collective app: 

  • Daily emotional fitness tools: quick bite articles, guided practices, meditations, members-only podcasts, and live events with top psychologists, therapists, and coaches

  • Studio Circles: our groundbreaking series of live, topical, group-based, psychologist-designed emotional fitness programs 

  • Stepping Into You: our signature therapist-designed foundational series on what emotional health is and the interactive tools you can use to develop it in your daily life

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