Yes Collective

Building authentic connection, emotional healing, and modern spirituality into daily life

Welcome to the Yes Collective

The Yes Collective a team of psychologists, therapists, and coaches who are dedicated to building new spaces in modern life for connection, healing, and spirituality. Our live, online Studio Circles create these spaces by focusing on cutting-edge, transformational ideas and practices that help us connect to each other more authentically, grow as people and professionals, and tap into profound moments of transcendence in our daily lives. These Circles are like a fitness studio for your soul.

Let's Grow Beyond . . .

the status quo




self-limiting beliefs

inner criticism 

your therapy budget

We've got a team of psychologists and therapists ready to grow beyond, right alongside you!

Introducing Yes Collective Studio Circles

Each month in the Yes Collective, we launch a brand new four-week, live workshop led by the top psychologists, therapists, and coaches—all focused on the ideas and practices that matter most for bringing more connection, healing, and spirit into our lives.

Our Studio Circles focus on cutting edge topics like self-healing through Internal Family Systems therapy, creating deep, nourishing relationships through Authentic Relating, how to thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), growth after trauma, somatic/embodied healing, ecstatic breathwork, and a whole lot more!

Every Circle is just 4-weeks long: just enough time to really sink into new practices and ways of thinking and feeling, but not too long for life to get in the way. Our circles have a weekly live session where our therapy team will lead you in life-changing skills and practices, but they also come with tons of self-guided resources and recordings for when you have to miss a live session.

Your Studio Circle Team

Justin Wilford, PhD, Director of Program Design and Content

Justin earned two PhDs, one from UCLA in the social sciences and the other from UC Irvine in mental health program design and evaluation. Justin is also a professional emotional health coach and group facilitator. He's a cofounder and co-CEO of Yes Collective.

Jenny Walters, LMFT, Director of Therapy and Coaching

Jenny is licensed therapist with decades of experience in depth psychology, emotional healing, and group therapy facilitation. She founded Highland Park Holistic Psychotherapy, a thriving team of therapists in Los Angeles, CA, and is passionate about the next wave of cutting-edge mental and emotional health tools.

Alicia Samaniego Wuth, PsyD, Director of Community and Facilitation

Alicia is a clinical psychologist, research scientist, and licensed therapist. She's passionate about bringing the best research-backed approaches to people everywhere. She brings her knowledge and experience to making Yes Collective Studio Circles life-changing, easy to use, and based in the latest research. 

What you get when you join the Yes Collective: 

  • Studio Circles: our groundbreaking series of live, cutting-edge, group-based, psychologist-designed monthly workshops
  • Daily emotional fitness tools: straight from therapy rooms, expert workshops, and spiritual retreats, these effective tools will bring more calmness, clarity, and compassion into your daily life
  • Guided meditations that fit into your life: Our 5-minute Wellness Reset Meditations will take you deep inside in no time 
  • A ton of resources at your finger tips: A library of cutting-edge, quick-bite mental and emotional health info from experienced therapists, psychologists, and coaches

The Yes Collective Difference

Our expert team is upending the old model of mental health that's overly focused on people's thinking (rather than their feelings), one-on-one talking (rather than embodied, interactive practices), and fixing (rather than helping people access their own innate healing wisdom). We're moving past an out-dated models to new ways of engaging with what matters most: authentic connection, emotional healing, and modern spirituality.