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Emotional fitness for modern life. Making workplaces happier and healthier.

Emotional health tools for showing up as your full, authentic self

Creating an emotionally healthy work-life today is hard, but we're here for it. We're in the midst of an emotional health crisis that shows up as burnout, triggered emotions, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. And we're showing up with an amazing team of psychologists, therapists, and coaches to tackle the root causes, not just the symptoms.

Emotional health = less triggered, more connected, in flow 

Yes Collective is an emotional fitness platform combining psychologist-designed tools, practices, and support for becoming more of who you truly are. When you join the Yes Collective, you’re getting a team of therapists, psychologists, and coaches with you every step of the way.

Emotional fitness, delivered at the speed of your life

Our mobile, online ecosystem of therapeutic support is built by psychologists and therapists who get how hectic, fragmented, and chaotic our lives are today. We deliver daily expert tools, practices, resources and knowledge; help you connect with other members in a private, facilitated community dedicated to emotional wellness; and dive deeper into your own self-healing with expert, step-by-step emotional health coaching. We’ve got your back in a dozen different ways.

If you're ready for real and lasting emotional health, this is for you

Whether you’re “therapy-curious” and are just starting out on your own emotional health journey or have been seeing an awesome therapist once a week, Yes Collective is your perfect support system. We’re a team of therapists, coaches, and mental health professionals who create easy-to-use, high-impact, research-backed resources from the best psychologists and therapists around. And when you’re ready, you can dive deeper with our groundbreaking emotional fitness program, Stepping Into Yes.

What you get when you join the Yes Collective app: 

  • Therapist tools and live in-app events with therapists, researchers, and coaches

  • Quick bite articles, guided practices, meditations, and live events with top psychologists, therapists, and coaches

  • Stepping Into Yes, our groundbreaking series of live, psychologist-designed emotional fitness programs 

  • Therapist-designed masterclasses that span the emotional health journey

  • Members-only Podcast, Therapist Circles, Wellness Reset Meditations & On-the-Go Audio Articles

This community is so much more...

Not only does your joining the Yes Collective community make us better parents, partners and people, but here's the icing on top: Yes Collective is a Public Benefit Corporation that exclusively supports MaxLove Project, a non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for families affected by childhood cancer. Thank you for being here and spreading the love!

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